our solutions

Consumer Centric Strategy

Through an iterative process, where the consumer/user is the center of our main interest, our research goal is based on finding and understanding their needs and gains from an strategic range of view.


Brand Tracking

To observe and understand the evolution of a brand equity within a specific industry and competitive scenario

Social Media Monitoring (Brand Reputation)

To analyze and interpret social media information obtaining their strategic value and leading to better decisions: Big Data → Smart Data.


Segment Developement:

To identify through an agile solution, insights about a new category or a new customer segment.

Social Media Explore (Deep Dive):

To understand holistically how customers speak about topics that many times are not linked directly to our brand. Growth opportunities can be achieved by sizing our industry relevance or the connection with a brand territory.

Social Media Content Audit (Digital Brand Identity):

To measure brands digital performance, finding the value proposition of the content offered by territories and topics.


Ad Pre-Test

To validate one or more creative ideas before campaign launching in contrast with benchmarks.

Ad Post-Test

To measure the effectiveness of a campaign according to industry benchmarks.


To know the viability of a new marketing concept and also maximizing the optimize potential.

Social Media Ad Hoc (Operative Reporting)

To evaluate the impact of our digital campaigns. To grasp what drives our target.